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-This is a rating community that urges you to be who you are.
-We based on what kind of things you like, activities you enjoy to do, and how
unique (in a good way) you are.
- We won't judge you soley on looks. 90% of the vote on your application will be on personality.

-When voting on a application, the subject must state your vote, and your comment must say
what you like and/or didn't like about the applicant so they atleast know why you voted the way you did.
-You are NOT allowed to make fun of someone's beliefs, opinons, or be overly or unnecessarily rude to an applicant.
-Starting fights and being rude to other members will also lead to you being banned.
-You can post pictures from a trip, a question you want to ask everyone, a cool website you found,
or anything along those lines.
-When you upload pictures it must be under a cut, and you MUST SAY HOW MANY PICTURES YOU UPLOADED
-Whatever you feel like posting, as long as its appropriate, is welcome!
-All posts must be "friends-only"
-If you promote another community, it MUST be under a cut and you MUST promote too_tubular at 2 other places with proof of doing so
-Failure to obey these rules will get you BANNED from the community.

-You must apply within 24 hours of joining
-Must be "friends-only"
-Make the subject line "They Don't Undertstand Us At The Academy" so we know you've read the
-No posting or commenting on other posts until you are stamped. You are however, allowed to
reply to others comments (only within YOUR application), but please erase the subject line so the votes will be easier to count!
-Be yourself!
-Failure to follow the rules will get you rejected!
-In order to be accepted, you need to have atleast 75% of the votes
-If you are rejected, you can apply back in one week.
-If rejected again after re-applying, then you are no longer able to apply back.
-If it has been 3 days and your application has not yet been stamped, you MAY make a FRIENDS ONLY post saying so, also giving a link to your application.

Promoting: +2pts each promotion
Being accepted: +5pts
Pictures: +5pts each picture
Monthly theme: +7 pts each picture
Making a banner: +10pts
Weekly Question: +10 pts
Decent length text posts: +15pts
Any survey: +20pts
Coloring Book: +20pts
Scavenger hunts: +20pts
Entering in a contest: +20pts
Cyber Shopping: +25pts
Third place in a contest: +30pts
Second place in a contest: +40pts
First place in a contest: +50pts
Make up your own community activity: +150
Auto-accept/reject: -200pts
Make your vote count 3x when voting for a new applicant: -400pts
Make your vote count 3x when voting in a contest: -400pts

*****Put all activities under an LJ cut with the name of the activity as the cut*****

Challenge people out of the community or to take their points.
to kick someone out (based on personality, active-ness, and looks
if the challenger loses, they get kicked out
loser may apply back in a week

Take someone's points (based on looks)
if the challenger loses, their points are given to the person they challenged

Coloring Book pic of the month
take the picture, color it in on your computer (or print it out and color it in real life)!
color meeee!!

Monthly Debate

Scavenger Hunt
Find pictures on the internet or take them yourself
Your favorite doctor show

Monthly Theme
Post atleast 5 pictures relating to the monthly theme
This month's theme: Health

Cyber Shopping
You are given a budget, and an event to shop for. You must find an outfit to wear to that event while staying under the budget! You may use extra money to buy whatever you would think you need in order to attend this event! Include where you found each article of clothing, how much it cost, and the grand total.
The Event: Dorm Shopping!!!
In this case, instead of buying clothes, buy things you would need to live in a dorm!! (i.e- bedding, chairs, posters, lamps, etc.)
Budget: $500

This Month's Contest: most unintentionally unnattractive picture
Submissions will close: December 15th

This Month's Photography Contest: flowers
Submissions will close: December 10th



questions? comments? just wanna talk?
E-mail: hmalitsky@brooksschool.org
AIM: mahlitzkey39